May 29, 2016

Google VS Oracle lawsuit

Here’s timeline of how the whole conflict unfolded:

2005: Google acquires Android. They opt to use Java over Microsoft’s C#, negotiate with Sun Microsystems, who own Java, but fail to secure a licensing deal.

2006: Google rejects Sun’s alleged offer of a three-year Java license for $20 million plus 10% of Google’s Android-related revenue, capped at $25 million.

2007: Google publicly announces Android, and its use of Dalvik, a Java-compatible virtual machine.

2010: Oracle acquires Sun for its Java patents and copyrights, then files a lawsuit accusing Google of infringing upon seven of Sun’s Java patents.

2011: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office dismisses five of the seven patent allegations. Oracle seeks damages of up to $6 billion. A settlement can’t be reached.

2012: Oracle and Google go to trial in a San Francisco district court and Google wins.

2014: An appeals court reverses the district court’s decision, stating that an API is copyrightable.

2016: A second trial starts over whether Google’s use of Java’s APIs was fair use.

Unfortunately, the case isn’t closed yet. Oracle has vowed to appeal the decision yet again. And this ruling could still be overturned.

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