How to Set Path in linux

Adding to All Users' Paths (except root)

You globally set a path in /etc/profile. That setting is global for all users except user root. Typical /etc/profile files extensively modify the $PATH variable, and then export that variable. What that means is you can modify the path by appending or prepending the desired directory(s) in existing statements modifying the path. Or, you can add your own path modification statements anywhere before the existing export statement. In the very unlikely event that there are no path modification or export statements in /etc/profile, you can insert the following 2 lines of code at the bottom of /etc/profile:

export PATH

Adding to the Path of User root

User root is a special case. Unlike other users, root is not affected by the path settings in /etc/profile. The reason is simple enough. User root's path is set from scratch by its.bash_profile script. In order to add to the path of user root, modify its .bash_profile.


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