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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to boost your website performance using advice from Google experts

Understanding your site’s performance can help you identify opportunities to improve results and meet your goals. Receive targeted account tips, detailed traffic insights and fresh ideas to promote your business from our team of Analytics specialists.

Share your information with our experts by adjusting your data sharing settings:
1.Log in to your Google Analytics account.
2.Click the Home icon in the top left of your account.
3.Click the Admin tab in the top right of your account.
4.Select the relevant account.
5.Click the Account Settings tab.
6.Select the Account specialists checkbox and click Apply.
If you have more than one profile click on Account list in the top left of your screen and repeat steps 3-5.

Get details on each of your data sharing options in this Help Center article, or learn more about how Google Analytics collects and safeguards your data.