Nov 1, 2018

common_schema - a framework for MySQL server administration

common_schema provides with:
  • A function library (text functions, security routines, execution and flow control, more...)
  • A set of informational and analysis views (security, schema design, processes, transactions, more...)
  • QueryScript interpreter, allowing for server side scripting.
  • rdebug: a debugger and debugging API for MySQL stored routines (alpha)
It introduces SQL based tools which simplify otherwise complex shell and client scripts, allowing the DBA to be independent of operating system, installed packages and dependencies.
It is a self contained schema, compatible with all MySQL >= 5.1 servers. Installed by importing the schema into the server, there is no need to configure nor compile. No special plugins are required, and no changes to your configuration.
common_schema has a small footprint (under 1MB).
  "The common_schema is to MySQL as jQuery is to javaScript"
  # Baron Schwartz, High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition