Sep 13, 2018

SaaS-based model for Global Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not a niche marketing channel any more. High speed internet penetration is growing rapidly and usage of search and social media has grown exponentially as access to them becomes faster and simpler. Many marketing teams are switching their focus to digital as the world economic crisis has led to reduced budgets and greater accountability requirements.

The SaaS-based model for digital marketing offers a pay-per-use model, along with one-time set up fee for the software, maintenance, upgrade and lifetime support. Hence, the Global Digital Marketing Software market is witnessing a trend where many vendors in the market have begun to offer their solutions through the SaaS-based model to expand their services and enter new markets.

In addition, digital marketing solutions are becoming increasingly popular, as they enable businesses to securely store, access, and maintain digital records, images, text, and data. This is leading to an increased adoption of SaaS-based solutions during the forecast period.