How to send Free Text Messages to Canadian Cell Phones

Each wireless company has a website from which you can send free Text Messages:
By email:
you can send emails to your friends’ cell phones directly from your email. You just need to know the number and the carrier of the recipient to start emailing them to their cell phone. Here is a list of the emails of different carriers. You need to replace the part before the “@” with your friend’s number.
  • Rogers Wireless: [10-digit phone number] (see also : 

    E-mail to Text Service Commands of Rogers Canada )

  • Fido: [10-digit phone number]
  • Telus: [10-digit phone number]
  • Bell Mobility: [10-digit phone number]
  • Kudo Mobile: [10-digit phone number]
  • MTS: [10-digit phone number]
  • President’s Choice: [10-digit phone number]
  • Sasktel: [10-digit phone number]
  • Solo: [10-digit phone number]
  • Virgin: [10-digit phone number]


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