Nov 7, 2018

The future of the Password Culture

Federated authentication is the use of two or more previously vetted, trusted third parties that have already verified the user's identity; this also is called multi-factor identification. An example of this would be when a user is subscribing to a new service on his/her phone and a screen comes up asking: "Do you want to sign in using your Facebook or Google+ ID?"

Google is working on its new Authenticator app and is planning to go completely "passwordless" by the end of the year.

PingID is a cloud application that enables clients to use their smartphones (another previously vetted authentication factor) to verify their identities when logging into a Web service. PingID lets users authenticate with a single swipe of their device’s screen. Using the federation approach, PingID adds a second layer of security in doing away with passwords. If required, the app also can add other layers, such as personal-information questions. It also has a location feature that can block login attempts from specified areas.