Nov 10, 2018

Monitoring and Reporting Tools

Monitoring your system logs is essential for spotting problems and halting the deployment pipeline. Rather than manually collecting logs from each machine in an environment, logs should be shipped to a central store that indexes them and makes them available for searching via a web browser. This is a crucial capability for a Continuous Delivery environment. The log store should be connected to all environments (including the developer’s system) to speed up problem diagnosis and resolution. Most monitoring tools should work in a dynamic infrastructure and integrate with yours through scripted configuration.

Log Aggregation & Search Tools: Fluentd, Graylog2, LogStash, nxlog, Splunk
Metrics, Monitoring, Audit Tools: Collectd, Ganglia, Graphite, Icinga, Sensu, ScriptRock


1. On-premise: Splunk 

2. Saas: Sumo Logic 

3. Saas: Loggly 

4. Open source: Graylog2 

5. Open source: Fluentd 

6. The ELK stack (Open source/ Free): Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana