Nov 8, 2018

Apple just released its new mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 8

Apple is finally opening up the keyboard API to allow for third-party keyboards from the likes of Swype and Fleksy. Expect plenty of interesting keyboards to soon become available for iPhone and iPad users.

Apple’s free messaging service is beefing up in iOS 8, adding the ability to record and send voice messages and videos without ever having to leave the app.

In iOS 8, Apple finally adds some important search functionality to the Photos app, which will allow you to find a photo based on where you took the picture, when it was taken, or by the album it’s in.

You can also view your recent searches, and be able to quickly view photos you’ve taken “nearby,” at “home,” or “one year ago.” You can now save your favorite photos, which will show up in a separate album, and you can edit or filter the photos directly in the app, since Photos will now have all the functionality of the old iPhoto app. Finally, iOS 8 adds a new camera mode, which will allow you to capture time-lapse videos to show an accelerated sequence of photos over time.