Nov 7, 2018

How to secure your data in the cloud

Having different passwords for each account you hold online, so a breach in one system won’t compromise another. If you have difficulty to remember so many passwords, use password managing software such as KeePass Password Safe.

It is also important to have a number and punctuation mark in each password, or a creative spelling of a word to make it harder to guess. Again, software such as KeePass Password Safe can help you.

Another way to make your information harder to hack is two-step identification. That means the first time you log onto an account from a new device, you are asked for a second form of identification. Usually, that involves getting sent a code as a text on your phone or an email. A hacker who has your password would still need physical possession of your phone to get the text.

Most major cloud services, including Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox, offer this kind of protection. They are not on by default. You have to turn this on.