Nov 8, 2018

How to fix: Exception while deploying the app: java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot resolve reference Remote ejb-ref name=[...]because there are more than 1 ejbs in the application with interface

Bean injected by @EJB could be an interface or a no-interface view bean. As long as there is only one implementation of the interface, it will be injected without any ceremony. However, if there are more than 1 ejbs  in the application with the same interface, configuration is required to disambiguate the choice.

Enhancement of the @EJB annotation with the beanName attribute fixes the problem. The value of the beanName attribute is the simple name (getSimpleName) of the desired bean.

I88CABean bean;

The dependency injection can also be configured in the deployment descriptor (XML configuration) instead of annotations.

Both deployment descriptor (XML configuration) and annotation configuration are string based matching.