Nov 8, 2018

IBM WAS Liberty Profile

The Liberty profile is a dynamic profile of WAS that enables the WAS server to provision only the features required by the application (or set of applications) deployed to the server. If an application requires just a servlet engine, then all that starts is the WAS kernel, the HTTP transport and the web container. Which is lightening fast to bring up (a few seconds) and has an incredibly small

If you Need a JPA provider to access relational data, you don't need to go hunting around to find one, just add in the JPA feature and persistence configuration and Liberty Profile will switch that on dynamically. Even though the server only takes you a few seconds to restart, you don't have to. Which is important in a development environment, as you build up the capabilities of an application, modify classes, add resources and fix problems.

Developers need code and configuration changes to be easy to make and reflected immediately in the test environment. This is as easy as it gets with the combination of the WAS Liberty Profile and the new WAS Developer Tools.