Nov 8, 2018

jOOQ - a “database first”, type safe SQL API

jOOQ is a “database first”, type safe SQL API that allows you to write SQL in Java intuitively as if the SQL language were supported natively by the Java compiler.

All database schemas, tables, columns, procedures, and other objects are made available as Java objects that can be used directly in the jOOQ SQL API.

jOOQ's main features are:
  • Database first: Your database holds your most important asset – your data. You want to be in control of your SQL.
  • Typesafe SQL: Use your IDE to write SQL efficiently in Java.
  • Code generation: Your Java compiler will detect errors early.
  • Active Records: Don't write repetitive CRUD, just easily store modified records.
  • Multi-tenancy: Configure schema and table names at runtime, and implement row-level security.
  • Standardization: Write SQL that works on all your databases without wasting time on concrete syntax.
  • Query Lifecycle: Hook into the SQL code generation lifecycle, for logging, transaction handling, ID generation, SQL transformation and much more.
  • Stored Procedures: Calling them or embedding them in your SQL is a one-liner. Don’t waste time with JDBC.