Nov 8, 2018

What Employers Want

Employers' No. 1 concern was professionalism and work ethics. Actually, subjects like math, science, and history didn’t make the top 10 of employers’ concerns. What they cared about though were communication skills. Even for entry-level low-requirement jobs, one needs to know how to present oneself and answer questions clearly. One needs the ability to work in a group can go a long way with employers.

As for writing, however heart-wrenching it may be to connoisseurs of quality literature, employers need workers ready to write memos, business letters, and reports, rather than critical essays. Writing should concentrate on “argument essays” and “explanatory essays” based on “evidence,” at the expense of writing based on experience or imagination.

To get familiar with the menial work-related literature, students are supposed to read manuals, even public transit schedules, though much less emphasis is put on such tasks.

It seems if one piles up everything that is “common,” one ends up with not much room for anything else.