Jul 18, 2018

Amazon EC2 Container Service Launched at AWS

AWS has launched Amazon EC2 Container Service, which is a container management service to host Docker containers on a cluster of Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon EC2 Container Service manages container lifecycle with API calls that allow querying the state of the cluster from a centralized service. It is based on familiar Amazon EC2 features like security groups, EBS volumes and IAM roles. Customers can use EC2 Container Service to schedule the placement of containers across the cluster based on resource needs, isolation policies, and availability requirements. The EC2 Container Service integrates with Docker Hub, a hosted repository for Docker container-based applications that are distributed and shared across the community, or privately within an company.  AWS has contributed to the Docker Hub by publishing a GlassFish application server.
AWS Beanstalk developers can use containers through the preconfigured Docker platform. AWS Beanstalk offers PaaS like capability while the Amazon EC2 Container Service providers more control and visibility to the container lifecycle management.