Bounce categories of PowerMTA

Bounce categories of PowerMTA are defined:

bad-configuration messages rejected due to configuration issues with remote
host, 5.X.X error
bad-connection messages bounced due to bad connection issues with remote
host, 4.X.X error
bad-domain messages bounced due to invalid or non-existing domains,
5.X.X error
bad-mailbox messages rejected due to bad, invalid, or non-existent
recipient addresses, 5.X.X error
content-related messages refused or blocked due to content related reasons,
5.X.X error
inactive-mailbox messages rejected due to expired, inactive, or disabled
recipient addresses, 5.X.X error
invalid-sender messages bounced due to invalid DNS or MX entry for
sending domain
message-expired messages bounced due to not being delivered before the
bounce-after, 4.X.X error
no-answer-from-host messages bounces due to receiving no response from remote
host after connecting, 4.X.X or 5.X.X error
other messages rejected due to other reasons, 4.X.X or 5.X.X error
policy-related messages refused or blocked due to general policy reasons,
5.X.X error
protocol-errors messages rejected due to SMTP protocol syntax or sequence
errors, 5.X.X error
quota-issues messages rejected or blocked due to mailbox quota issues,
4.X.X or 5.X.X error
relaying-issues messages refused or blocked due to remote mail server
relaying issues, 5.X.X error
routing-errors messages bounced due to mail routing issues for recipient
domain, 5.X.X error
spam-related messages refused or blocked due to spam related reasons,
5.X.X error
virus-related messages refused or blocked due to virus related reasons,
5.X.X error

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