Nov 8, 2018

GWT and Vaadin

GWT follows an innovative approach: you write the entire application in Java. But it’s executed in Javascript. A good portion of your code is cross-compiled to Javascript and uploaded to the client. This approach works surprisingly good. GWT is an excellent choice.

But because the code is converted to Javascript and executed on the client, there’s no way to hide your code. It shouldn’t contain your companies crucial secrets.

If exposing your companies secrets still is a topic to you, think about Vaadin. Vaadin is a GUI framework based on GWT. It adds another abstraction layer to GWT. It protects your company's secrets better: the portion of your code that’s transmitted to the client is much smaller. Most of the code remains on the server, thus resembling JSF.

GWT is evaluated on the client. E.g. a button disable/enable action doesn’t go to the server.
With Vaadin each and every item will get send to the server, that means when you click on a button, a request get’s send to the server, evaluated and if you need to update something else then a response is send back.
In return that means that you dirty little company secrets stays a secret.