Nov 10, 2018

Fluentd - an open source data collector for unified logging layer

Fluentd allows you to unify data collection and consumption for a better use and understanding of data.

Fluentd is a free alternative to Splunk which is a great tool for searching logs.
  1. It scales. All the performance critical parts are written in C and it's designed to scale horizontally.
  2. It's easy to extend (300+ plugins). fluentd has a robust plugin mechanism that supports all the data sinks you can imagine (including elasticsearch, S3, MongoDB). Chances are good wherever you want to get the data from and send it to, Fluentd's got it out of the box.
  3. An active, growing, diverse community. Compared to many other open source collectors, fluentd's community is active, and contributors come from a large number of organizations. 
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