Nov 10, 2018

Google Container Engine cluster

Google Container Engine cluster is a group of Compute Engine instances running Kubernetes. It consists of one or more node instances, and a Kubernetes master instance. A cluster is the foundation of a Container Engine application—pods, services, and replication controllers all run on top of a cluster.

The Kubernetes master

Every cluster has a single master instance. The master provides a unified view into the cluster and, through its publicly-accessible endpoint, is the doorway for interacting with the cluster.
The master runs the Kubernetes API server, which services REST requests, schedules pod creation and deletion on worker nodes, and synchronizes pod information (such as open ports and location) with service information.


A cluster can have one or more node instances. These are managed from the master, and run the services necessary to support Docker containers. Each node runs the Docker runtime and hosts a Kubelet agent, which manages the Docker containers scheduled on the host. Each node also runs a simple network proxy.
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