Nov 10, 2018

How to change the permalink URL of published blogger post

Blogger doesn't allow you to change permalink of published posts and so there are some people who just copy the content from the old posts and create new ones with custom URL. The problem with it is that your old URLs may have some ranking in search engines as well as they may have some back-links. To maintain ranking and back-links you must redirect old URLs to new ones. 

Before changing the permalink of your published blog post you need to have a copy of your old URL which to be used later in redirection.

To change the URL of published post just click on Revert to draft, select permalink, set custom permalink and publish again.

The next step is to redirect your old URL to new URL using Blogger custom redirects.

For example, we want to redirect
Go to you Blogger account and head to your Blogger blog dashboard and go to settings>> search preferences. In errors and redirection set new redirect and enter from URL (/2014/12/how-to-install-git-in-fedora.html) that redirects to your new URL (/2014/12/install-git-linux.html). Check permanent if you want and save the custom redirect and save changes.

Do not enter the full URL in that field. Omit the domain name. Also this works only if you wish to redirect within your Blog and not to any external links.