Nov 10, 2018

Savvy Hackers Target stock market

A cyber crime ring known as FIN4 is apparently stealing insider information and using it to manipulate stock prices on Wall Street. FireEye, an advanced cyberattack prevention firm, just released an intelligence report that offers an in-depth analysis of how the financially-motivated cybercriminals are executing attacks against publicly-traded companies to play the stock market.

FireEye has dubbed the group FIN4 and concluded the group has targeted about 100 publicly-traded companies -- or their advisory firms -- to collect information to gain a trading advantage on Wall Street.

FIN4 uses what FireEye calls “highly advanced techniques” for breaking into an organization and has security practices on the data it transmits. For example, stolen login credentials were transferred to FIN4 servers in plain text while the operators use TOR to mask their locations and identities.

“This group is not leveraging any sophisticated malware, or complex hacking techniques to gain access to sensitive data,” Kevin Westin, a security analyst for advanced persistent threat detection firm Tripwire, told us. “They are going after the weakest link in the security chain, people. Given the targets and the data compromised you could call this white collar cyber crime because the goal appears to be industrial espionage.”