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Monday, September 17, 2018

Data types of Custom Fields of objects

Summary of some common used supported data types of Custom Fields of objects:

  • Auto Number—a system-generated read-only sequence number, analogous to the SQL identity type. These fields can be used to provide a unique ID that is independent of the internal object ID. These fields are not used in creating object relationships.
  • Checkbox—for representing Boolean data.
  • Date or Date/Time—for representing dates or date and time combinations.
  • Number—for representing real numbers, with optional decimal points.
  • Email, Phone and URL—format-validated email, phone and URL string representations.
  • Picklist and Multi-Select Picklists—represent values from a list.
  • Text and Text Areas—for representing text of various lengths.
  • Currency—a formatted number type, with optional multi-currency support.
  • Formula—a read-only field holding data generated from a formula expression.
  • Geolocation—allows you to identify locations by their latitude and longitude and calculate distances between locations.