Nov 10, 2018

Eclipse Modeling Framework and Ecore

Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is an Eclipse-based modeling framework and code generation facility for building tools and other applications based on a structured data model.
From a model specification described in XMI, EMF provides tools and runtime support to produce a set of Java classes for the model, a set of adapter classes that enable viewing and command-based editing of the model, and a basic editor. Models can be specified using annotated Java, UML, XML documents, or modeling tools, then imported into EMF. Most important of all, EMF provides the foundation for interoperability with other EMF-based tools and applications.

Ecore is the core (meta-)model at the heart of EMF. It allows expressing other models by leveraging its constructs. Ecore is also its own metamodel (i.e.: Ecore is defined in terms of itself).