Google Tag Manager - easily add and update all your website tags

With Google Tag Manager, you can easily add and update all your website tags—for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more—all from within web interface.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free software tool from Google that allows you to deploy various types of code on your website without hard coding each individual page. For example, you can use GTM to easily deploy various types of tracking code, including Google AdWords conversion coding, Google Analytics tracking code, Google Analytics event coding, conversion pixels and remarketing pixels. There are many more types of code that can be deployed using GTM, including custom coding.
GTM does not replace Google Analytics. Instead, it helps users to easily deploy tracking code, enabling Google Analytics to track various types of information, including conversions. Prior to GTM, the code that GA tracks would have to be hard coded, usually by a web developer, on each individual page.

Get started fast

If you haven't already, install Google Tag Manager on your website.

Migrate your existing site tags by removing them from the site code and then adding them within the Google Tag Manager interface.

From the web interface, add tags, test them, and publish—all within minutes.

Manage tags easily

Create custom rules to collect the right data at the right time.

Design your own custom macros to pull dynamic data from the page (such as price), and pass the values to your tags.

Update and add new Google and non-Google tags, any time you need them.


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