Nov 10, 2018

How to enter BIOS of Acer desktop

If you have problem entering BIOS of Acer desktop, open the box and disconnect the hard disk power cable. Then, plug the computer into wall power and restart. Finding no disk drive should cause a bios failure state and by pressing the del key should allow you to enter the bios menu. Then go to the 'boot' menu and change the boot order to allow booting from cd/dvd first then the hard disk.

It looks like the Intel bios boots directly from the hard disk in Win 8 without presenting the logo 'Acer' screen that allows the 'del' key from being pressed to boot to the bios screen. This latest release from Intel/MS/Acer makes a very secure PC, no one without the password can even boot and copy/corrupt files. However it makes it impossible to backup or restore from 3rd party software companies like Norton or Acronis.