Nov 10, 2018

Metrics, Analysis and Action of Social Media Marketing

Metrics are measurement of your business objectives

For small business owners, you'll want to peek at your Google Analytics and Facebook analytics at least once a week.  Respond to people in social media, not charts.

Analysis is to understand "WHY"

Analysis is more than report generators. Reports don't tell you WHY conversion rates went up or down or why that new landing page isn't doing so well. Usually the problem is one of content as opposed to choosing the right keyword, interest target or bid. Be sure not to jump at statistical noise like fluctuations caused by random variations or seasonality – it's like looking at stock price changes from minute to minute.

Action is what you DO about it

Start from the potential actions you can take. Going from action back to metrics is getting just the data you need, instead of trying to fry a fish by boiling the ocean.

Another variant of this is called "Top N," where any time you look at a set of numbers, you sort by the key metric descending. Then you look at just the top N rows. Let's say N is 10. You might have 88 keywords in Google, but you look at just the top 10 by spend.

It could be the top 10 Facebook posts or the top 10 referral urls into your site. Just look at the top N items every few days. Spend a few minutes doing this as opposed to a whole hour each month.  Short rapid cycles give you opportunity for quick iteration. Find the profitable content and audience pairings and tune them with the least amount of effort.