Nov 10, 2018

RSS Feeds For Java

  2. Martin Fowler is a renowned author, software consultant and speaker. His blog about software technology is a must read for any software developer (Not only Java). RSS - RSS Feed

  3. Coding Horror
  4. Coding Horror is one of the most popular RSS feeds, which is used by more than 115,000 RSS readers. People who are interested in programming or those who are starting into the field of programming, should visit the site as it provides many different types of information. RSS -Codinghorror RSS Feed

  5. DZone
  6. DZone is for web developers and programmers, and it is one of the most helpful technical sites for developers. There are more than 20,000 subscribers to Dzone RSS feeds (as given on the website) in the popular links, while more than 1000 users are found in the new links section. RSS -DZone Front Page RSS Feed

  7. Webappers
  8. Webappers is a blog dedicated to open source projects and developers, and it has more than 16,000 regular readers who are web designer or developers. The website has more than 27,437 RSS subscribers. RSS - WebAppers RSS Feed

  9. TechCrunch
  10. TechCrunch was founded in 2005 and currently, the website gets more than 10 million visitors in a month. The website has a global network and in 2010, the company was acquired by AOL. It has around 1905,000 RSS subscribers throughout the world. RSS - TechCrunch RSS Feed

  11. Oracle Technology Network for Java Developers [formerly known as Sun Developer Network (SDN) ]
  12. This is the official Java developer website which provides latest resources for Java developers. You can access information in three different categories of interest - Java technology highlights, Java ME Technology and Solaris Technology highlights - all three are XML based news feed categories. A Java developer can set up RSS Aware news reader on the client computer to get the latest information. RSS - Oracle Developer Network RSS Feed

  13. IBM's DeveloperWorks
  14. IBM provides tutorials and technical resources for Java students and developers. RSS feeds are provided for information management products, Lotus products, Rational products, Tivoli products, Websphere products and IBM software products. The user can download a RSS reader and subscribe to feeds which have a title of content which is like a tech-note, a description and a link to the content. RSS - DeveloperWorks RSS Feed

  15. O' Reilly OnJava
  16. The website was established in 2000 and it provides news about the latest innovations in Java as well as quality code snippets. It has numerous Java based coding examples. Moreover' it provides news in number of sections such as Java and XML, Java IDE Tools, security, SysAdmin, servlets, open source, P2P, web services and wireless Java. RSS - OnJava RSS Feed

  17. Reddit Programming
  18. Reddit is another popular bookmarking website, just like It. Its programming feed contains some of the interesting articles related to Java. RSS - OnJava RSS Feed