Nov 10, 2018

Social Media - Entrepreneur

  1. Set up social media account for your interests. Topics such as fashion, health, humor etc. If you have a good business model, you can quickly accumulate a large number of users to pay attention to your account. 
  2. Precise user product marketing: accumulate user first. Fans have a certain level of trust. Basically whatever products you sell, as long as the users need them, they will give priority to buy from your platform. However, this platform must not be too broad. It is better to segment them. Adapt your product to users' needs.
  3. Enterprise social media platform operations, brand planning, marketing webinars: Applying your  knowledge and experience of social media to help enterprises. Start from free webinars. After you become more and more famous, some companies may ask you to help them with social media marketing. Later you can start to set up social marketing team, which includes technical staff.