Nov 10, 2018

What is Google Product Listing Ads

Google Product Listing Ads allow you to get your products placed quickly, easily, and accurately within the Shopping tab of Google search, it will also make you eligible to appear at the top of standard Google searches and on partner websites through Product Listing Ads.
Product Listing Ads appear above searches and provide an advantage over standard text ads - photos of products give people searching a clear, immediate impression that their click will take them to exactly the item they’re looking for.
You have to review your products to make sure the descriptions are detailed and accurate, and use the bidding tools provided to make sure your store appears where you want at a bid price you’re comfortable with.
Product Listing Ads are a successful - and growing! - way to advertise. If you create unusual or luxury items, by participating in Product Listing Ads, you may have a unique advantage over similar retailers who aren't.