Differences between Alipay and PayPal

AliPay is an alternative to credit card. It can be linked to an bank account and it is more than just a way to shop online, it has many usages that include:

  • Transfer money to other bank accounts with payment made within two hours
  • Transfer money to other Alipay accounts
  • Pay credit card bills with no fee levied
  • Pay utility bills with no extra fee levied
  • Top up mobile phone with credit
  • Buy bus tickets
  • Check bank balance
  • Use at online check-out on many websites (for lots of websites it’s the only way to pay)
  • Use to check-out on shopping apps Tmall.com and Taobao.com (these are escrow services)
  • Use to pay for products in-store (although this is not so popular yet)

All of the above are free for transactions within China. The services are secure and trusted by Chinese shoppers.


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