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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Difference between save and persist method in Hibernate

  1. First difference between save and persist is their return type. Similar to save method persist also INSERTs records into database but return type of persist is void while return type of save is Serializable object.  
  2. Another difference between persist and save is that both methods make a transient instance persistent. However, persist() method doesn't guarantee that the identifier value will be assigned to the persistent instance immediately, the assignment might happen at flush time.
  3. One more thing which differentiate persist and save method in Hibernate is their behavior outside of transaction boundaries. persist() method guarantees that it will not execute an INSERT statement if it is called outside of transaction boundaries. save() method does not guarantee the same, it returns an identifier, and if an INSERT has to be executed to get the identifier (e.g. "identity" generator), this INSERT happens immediately, no matter if you are inside or outside of a transaction.
  4. Fourth difference between save and persist method in Hibernate is related to previous difference on save vs persist. Because of its above behavior of persist method outside transaction boundary, its useful in long-running conversations with an extended Session context. On the other hand save method is not good in a long-running conversation with an extended Session context.