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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Iteration in Java 8 — the forEach() method

The major new features in Java 8 center on lambda expressions, along with related features such as streams, method references, and functional interfaces. These new features in Java 8 allow us to seriously consider using passive iterators instead of the more conventional active iterators. In particular, the Iterable interface provides a passive iterator in the form of a default method called forEach().

A default method, another new feature in Java 8, is a method in an interface with a default implementation.

Collection classes that implement Iterable (for example, all list and set classes) now have a forEach() method. This method takes a single parameter that is a functional interface. Therefore the actual parameter passed to the forEach() method is a candidate for a lambda expression. Using the features of Java 8, our running example would evolve to the form shown in Listing 4.

Iteration in Java 8 using the forEach() method

List<String> emails = new LinkedList<>();

// ... add some items to the collection

emails.forEach(email -> System.out.println(email));