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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

CDI AOP in Java EE 6

Interceptors 1.1

Along came Java EE 6 with EJB 3.1 – Interceptors 1.1 was still included in the EJB spec document
  • @InterceptorBinding – a type safe way of specifying interceptors of a class or a method. Please note that this annotation was leveraged by CDI 1.0 (another specification introduced in Java EE 6) and its details are present in the CDI 1.0 spec doc rather than EJB 3.1 (light bulb moment … at least for me)
  • @Interceptor – Used to explicitly declare a class containing an interception logic in a specific method (annotated with @AroundInvoke etc) as an interceptor along with an appropriate Interceptor Binding. This too was mentioned in the CDI 1.0 documentation only.
  • @AroundTimeout – used to intercept time outs of EJB timers along with a way to obtain an instance of the Timer being intercepted (viajavax.interceptor.InvocationContext.getTimer())