Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pen Name vs. Real Name for your online presentation

Thinking about building a blog that you will sell some day will force you to make a decision about the name you use. If you base your entire business around yourself, as many authors, bloggers and consultants do, it will be difficult to sell. The solution is a pen name. If you’re writing books, Amazon allows authors to use up to three pen names.
A pen name, or pseudonym, is adopted by a writer or public personality when they prefer that their real name not be associated with a work. A pen name is not a legal name. It’s a fictitious name associated with a real person, but cannot be used for legal purpose.
Many well-known authors use pseudonyms. Their reasons are many but most often include:
  • Retain anonymity
  • Protect the author
  • If you are publishing for a specific business or website
  • Branding niche profiles
If you are publishing books in several different niches you may also consider applying a separate pen name for each niche.