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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Spring 4.0 Features and Improvements

Spring 4.0 Features

  • Many improvements to Spring Core Container like generics as autowiring qualifiers, conditional annotation, ordered auto wiring qualifiers and ordered auto wiring into lists and arrays.
  • Complete support for Java 8 features. One important point to note is, minimum requirement to using Spring 4 is Java SE6. Similarly requires Servlet 3.0+ for Spring Web modules
  • Supports conditional Bean Creation.
  • Spring 4.0.x has added modules new spring-websocket and spring-messaging for WebSocket-based communication and support STOMP.
  • Support for external bean configuration using Groovy DSL.
  • Supports SockJS, STOMP Messaging and Java Websocket API.
  • Improvements to RestTemplate
  • Loads of improvements to Spring Test module.
  • Lots of third party dependencies have been upgraded their respective latest versions. Like Hibernate 3.6+, EhCache 2.1+, Quartz 1.8+, Groovy 1.8+, and Joda-Time 2.0+.
  • Removed many deprecated packages and methods

Spring 4.1 Improvements

Spring 4.1.5 was released on February 20, 2015 with lots of new features and improvements.
  • Many improvements to Spring JMS Module. Added new annotations and also provided some improvements to “jms:annotation-driven”namespace.
  • Many improvements to Spring Web modules
  • Improvements to WebSocket module
  • Improvements to SockJS &STOM Messaging
  • Improvements to Spring Test module
  • Improvements in Spring Cache
  • Supports JCache Annotations