Thursday, November 15, 2018

Benefits of Using JDO for Application Programming

Ease of use: Application programmers can focus on their domain object model and leave the details of persistence (field-by-field storage of objects) to the JDO implementation. 

Portability: Applications written with the JDO API can be run on multiple implementations without recompiling or changing source code. Metadata, which describes persistence behavior external to the Java source code including most commonly used features of O/R mapping, is highly portable. 

Database independence: Applications written with the JDO API are independent of the underlying database. JDO implementations support many different kinds of transactional data stores, including relational and object databases, XML, flat files, and others. 

High performance: Application programmers delegate the details of persistence to the JDO implementation, which can optimize data access patterns for optimal performance. 

Integration with EJB: Applications can take advantage of EJB features such as remote message processing, automatic distributed transaction coordination, and security, using the same domain object models throughout the enterprise.