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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to Create Tomcat 7 Application in OpenShift

Install the RHC client tool on your machine.

To install RHC, just type sudo gem install rhc on the command line. If you already have the Gem installed, make sure it is the latest one. To update RHC, execute the command sudo gem update rhc.

Create Tomcat 7 Application

To create an Apache Tomcat 7 application on OpenShift, type the command shown below.
$ rhc create-app i88caExample tomcat-7
This command will create an application container for us, called a gear, and set up all of the required SELinux policies and Cgroup configuration. Next, it will install all the required software on your gear. OpenShift will also set up a private Git repository with some template code, and then clone the repository to your local system. Finally, OpenShift will propagate the DNS to the outside world.
You can view the application details using the command shown below.
$ rhc show-app i88caExample

Or you can simply deploy from the web console: