Wednesday, November 14, 2018

JavaScript is the best language to learn for the coming period

In the past year or so, Node.js has completely exploded. 

Here are some of the companies that now build new large-scale apps using Node.js:
  • Netflix
  • Microsoft
  • LinkedIn
  • Paypal
  • Walmart
  • The New York Times

JavaScript and Node.js have several advantages over other back-end languages:

  • JavaScript is significantly faster than Ruby, Python or PHP (in part because it allows for asynchronous programming).
  • JavaScript is significantly easier to code in than Go, Scala, Haskell, C++ or other high-performance languages (you just code in JavaScript, which is a user-friendly high level scripting language)
  • JavaScript is undergoing a major investment of money and talent from companies like Google, Facebook and even Microsoft, and thus is constantly improving.
  • Node.js can be used from everything from embedded devices (Internet of Things tech) to major APIs (Netflix).
  • Node.js is the only tool where you can easily share code between the client and the server (JavaScript is the only language recognized by browsers, and is the lingua franca of the web.) This makes it possible for your back end developers and front end developers to easily collaborate.
  • NPM is the largest open source ecosystem that has ever existed.