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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Lucky Orange Features

Not only does Lucky Orange offer session playback (something that really is incredibly useful as a marketer) but it also offers user heatmaps and a ton of other features such as:
Form Analytics
  • Automatically calculate form metrics
  • Abandonment Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Engagement Rate
  • Time to Start Forms
  • Time Spent in Each Field
  • Which Fields are Most Often Abandoned
  • Which Fields are Repeated
  • What Order are Fields Filled Out
  • Watch Recordings of People that Abandoned, to Learn Why
Real Time Analytics
  • Accurate counts of what's happening right now on your site
  • Unique visitor count vs number of browser tabs opened
  • Top Keywords
  • Top Countries & Cities
  • Top Referrers
  • Top Pages
  • Realtime Related Tweets
  • Uses various available transports to create a cross browser/platform real time experience
Live Chat Software
  • Chat box stays on the page and follows visitor as they browse your site for a seamless experience.
  • Can watch visitors screen while chatting with them
  • Add Customized Pre Chat Questions
  • Customizable colors, text, positioning
  • Multiple Chat Operators and Operator chat room
  • Operators can have profile pictures and sub titles
  • Ability to transfer chat to another operator
  • See when a visitor is typing, typed, stopped typing
  • Simple dashboard lets you chat with many people at the same time
  • Ask a user to chat
  • Searchable Chat Logs
  • Visitor can Initiate Live Chat
  • Toggle chat on/off with one click
Visitor Polls
  • Ask simple questions with up to 4 responses and comments
  • Quickly gain valuable customer insight
  • Watch results in real time
  • Create country specific polls
  • Show polls on specific pages
  • Show polls to random sample
  • Show polls after certain number of seconds
  • Instantly add / delete / pause polls without adding any more code to your site
  • Graph and searchable log of responses
  • Can push poll results, views, closes, to Google Analytics
Visitor Recordings & Live Sessions
  • Watch in real time or automatically records visitor
    browsing sessions
  • See exactly what your visitors did on your site
  • Ability to chat with visitor while you watch them browse.
  • Watch every mouse movement, keypress, scroll, screen resize
  • Works with dynamic html and member only pages
  • Saves the HTML that the visitor saw at the time of the recording
  • Works across multiple browsers / screen resolutions
  • See mouse paths drawn over the html
  • Watch Visitor Path accross site and jump to any page
  • Searchable recordings, including finding recordings that include a specific url
  • Stores visitor keywords, search engine, referrer information with recordings.
Heat Maps
  • Aggregate lots of click data to form beautiful heatmaps
  • Click heat maps
  • Mouse movement heat maps
  • Scroll Depth heat maps (see how far people are scrolling down the page)
  • Works with fluid layouts & different browser sizes
  • Create heatmaps based on date ranges, urls, browsers, location and more.
  • Accurately finds the actual div the user clicked on instead of just using relative mouse coordinates.
Live Visitor Map
  • Watch a real time visitor map of all your website visitors
  • Animated with custom effects
  • Plot line between points for neat effect
  • Can be launched in Full Screen for use with large monitors, or to display in a waiting area
  • Simple or Detailed Map View