Sep 13, 2018

How to Control Which Apps and Services Run at Startup in Windows

Here's how you can manage which applications and services run when Windows starts up and, more important, figure out which are necessary or useful.

The key is Task Manager. You will occasionally be prompted by Action Center—the Windows utility which puts a flag icon in your system tray—to examine your startup programs. You can run Task Manager at any time. When Task Manager starts, click "More Details" if needed and then navigate to the Startup tab.

Over time, Task Manager's Startup interface will provide information about which startup programs impact boot time the most. But that's not necessarily helpful. For example, Google Chrome may actually impact boot time a lot, but if you use it daily, you still won't want to disable this program. And you're probably not really booting your PC all that often anyway.

The other issue is determining which programs should or should not startup when your PC boots. You can safely disable those you don't need: Right-click service in Task Manager and choose Disable.