Sep 13, 2018

How to turn off WINDOWS 10 Wi-Fi Sense completely

If you don't want someone automatically logged in to your Wi-Fi, there are a few options. The best option is to turn Wi-Fi Sense off from the beginning.

When you first install Windows 10, choose the "Custom" install so it takes you through all the setup options. Turn off anything related to sharing your information or logging into Wi-Fi networks automatically.

If you jumped over these options during install, you can turn off Wi-Fi Sense later. In Windows 10, click the Start button and choose Settings to go to the new Settings screen.

Go to Network & Internet>>Wi-Fi>>Manage Wi-Fi Settings (only available on computers that support Wi-Fi). Turn off "Connect to suggested open hotspots," "Connect to networks shared by my contacts," and uncheck all the options under "For networks I select, share them with my contacts."