Sep 13, 2018

IT jobs are being affected by Cloud computing

Cloud computing is transforming the IT department. As more companies adopt cloud technologies, there's a growing sense of concern among IT pros that their jobs may be in danger. Here's how to survive and thrive in the new environment

The phase of cloud adoption is growing at a rapid rate. Many tasks that admins do today won't exist in five years - in part because of cloud, but also because of automation tools now being deployed.
From administrators to developers, the role of the IT pro is being shifted. The current shift to automation is similar to that seen in the manufacturing industry in the 1980s and in the retail industry more recently.

Automation and more DevOps collaboration is coming to IT in the form of many new tools and platforms such as Chef, Ansible, Vagrant, Puppet and OpenStack.

Technicians who work on servers, engineers and data analysts now have to be knowledgeable about account management, project management and even HR.

As line of business departments gain more say in the technologies used and deployed by their staff, the IT department is evolving into a technology broker for the company rather than a group focused on keeping the wheels running. Tech staff needs to be familiar with how other departments work, systems development life-cycle and requirements gathering.

Companies should take a planned approach towards the cloud and the oncoming changes in infrastructure. There will be a growing demand for IT professionals that understand systems architecture, application stacks and various platforms.  IT departments won't start shrinking, it's going to be a shift in focus rather than an elimination of positions.