Sep 13, 2018

LibreOffice 5.0 Looking Good

Spreadsheet functions have been upgraded, too. Some new functions have been added, for Excel compatibility. And other functions have optional parameters to make them fully compatible with OpenFormula.

Row and column references have been improved. Now it's possible to use references such as A:A instead of A1:A1048576. That's obviously an improvement in readability, and it's also a purer expression of the concept of an entire column. Although spreadsheets have a finite number of rows, a column is theoretically infinite - using a reference such as A1048576 breaks that illusion, and it could break the formula too if the maximum number of columns increased in the future.

It's possible to crop images in Writer using a simple interface. Although Writer is never going to replace Gimp as a full featured image editor, it helps to be able to make these small changes without opening another application.