Sep 13, 2018

MEAN development stack on Google Compute Engine

MEAN stackThe MEAN development stack combines the power of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS to offer a full-stack JavaScript framework, which can help you rapidly develop your applications.

In minutes, you can bring up a MEAN development stack on Google Compute Engine. With click-to-deploy, you can:
  • Get started quickly with development.
  • Kick start your NodeJS development.
By default, the completed deployment includes one development server (virtual machine instance) with the MEAN stack installed:
After your MEAN stack is running, you can SSH to your instance to do further configuration and testing.
When you are done with your development stack, click the Delete stack button on the Click-to-Deploy web page. This will bring down all instances and destroy the associated data disks.
Deploy the MEAN stack on Compute Engine in minutes from the console.