Sep 13, 2018

Wi-Fi Sense of Windows 10

Microsoft added a new feature to Windows 10 called Wi-Fi Sense. It’s a very smart feature that allows trusted users to connect to a Wi-Fi network without needing to know the network’s password, and it’s the first time that technology like this has been available so widely.

“Wi‑Fi Sense automatically connects you to Wi‑Fi, so you can get online quickly in more places,” Microsoft wrote on its website. “It can connect you to open Wi‑Fi hotspots it knows about through crowdsourcing, or to Wi‑Fi networks your contacts have shared with you by using Wi‑Fi Sense.”

The follow excerpt from Microsoft’s Wi-Fi Sense FAQ page will fill in a few key blanks:

Wi‑Fi Sense connects you to Wi‑Fi networks around you. It can do these things for you to get you Internet access.

  • Automatically connect you to open Wi‑Fi networks it knows about by crowdsourcing networks that other people using Windows have connected to. These are typically open Wi‑Fi hotspots you see when you’re out and about.
  • Automatically connect you to Wi‑Fi networks that your Facebook friends, contacts, or Skype contacts have shared with you after you’ve shared at least one network with your contacts. 
  • When you and your contacts share Wi‑Fi networks with each other, you give each other Internet access, but don’t get to see each other’s passwords. No networks are shared automatically. When you first connect to a network that you decide to share, you’ll need to enter the password, and then select the Share network with my contacts check box to share that network.
  • The initial settings for Wi‑Fi Sense are determined by the options you chose when you first set up your PC with Windows 10. You can change your Wi‑Fi Sense settings any time by selecting Settings > Network & Internet > Wi‑Fi > Manage Wi‑Fi settingsand then changing one or both of these settings under Wi‑Fi Sense:
    • Connect to suggested open hotspots
    • Connect to networks shared by my contacts