Oct 29, 2018

Apigee API Console

Apigee, the leading provider of API products and services, supports the Facebook, Twitter and SimpleGeo, LinkedIn, PayPal, Foursquare, Twilio and SoundCloud APIs.

The Apigee API Console has several features to simplify authentication, adoption, debugging and sharing:

  • Support for OAuth, HTTP basic and custom token authorization schemes: The API Console supports OAuth to allow simplified authorization for the Foursquare, LinkedIn and SoundCloud APIs; OAuth and HTTP basic for the Twilio API and custom tokens for the PayPal API. Developers only need to authenticate once for the entire session. 
  • Syntax highlighting and request auto-complete: The Apigee API Console list all API methods, allowing developers to send requests in two clicks and view the response with syntax highlight for JSON and XML. The API Console also auto-complete requests, making it easier than ever to get started on each API.
  • Parameters Pop-Up: Developers can easily configure request parameters by using the Apigee parameters pop-up, designed to support simple experimentation for figuring out what is needed for apps and integrations.
  • "Share" Snapshot: Developers can take a snapshot of API request/response pairs and share them with a unique URL, letting developer communities solve problems, debug and share support issues.

Visit https://apigee.com/providers and use the pull-down menu to select the API you want to explore to get started.