Oct 29, 2018

How to export Microsoft Access Database table structure

  1. Open MS Access and open your database. (For this sample the CarsDB.MDB sample database installed with ASPxperience was used)
  2. Press ALT+T+Y+D to open the Documentor. (This is a legacy menu option that still works as long as you know the shortcut)
  3. Click the Table tabs
  4. In the Documentor Table tab check the Cars and CarScheduling tables
  5. Click the Options button
  6. In the Include for Table group check Properties only
  7. In the Include for Fields group select the Names, Data Types, and Sizes radio button
  8. In the Include for Indexes group select the Nothing radio button.
  9. Click OK to close the Print Table Definition dialog
  10. Click OK to generate the documentation
  11. When the documentation report is finished the Print Preview tab will be displayed. Click Text File in the Data section to export the report to a text file
  12. In the Export – Text File dialog
  13. Check open the destination file after the export operation is complete
  14. Click OK
  15. For the encoding choose Windows default