How to Use Connector/ODBC with Microsoft Word, Excel or Access to connect to MySQL

You can use Microsoft Excel, Word to access information from a MySQL database using ODBC. 

Within Microsoft Excel or Word there are facilities to import data from MySQL database. 

See the following steps.
Step-1 : Be sure that your MySQL server is running. 
Step-2 : Create a new worksheet.
Step-3 : From the Data menu, click on 'From other sources' then click on 'Data Connection Wizard', the following window will come : 
Select 'ODBC DSN' and Click on 'Next' 
Step-4 : From ODBC data sources select 'MySQL' and click on 'Next' 
Step-5 : Now select databases and tables.
Step-6 : Let select database and table and click 'Next'. 
Step-7 : Input a name and description for your new Data Connection, and press 'Finish' to save. 
Step-8 : Select how you want to view this data in your workbook (e.g. Table, PivotTable Report etc). 


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