Oct 29, 2018

JMS 2.0 (part of the Java EE 7 platform) Exception Handling

JMS 1.1 and earlier versions did not have a notion of unchecked exceptions. From JMS 2.0, JMSRuntimeException has been introduced to act as the base/parent from which all other unchecked exceptions have been extended. Here is a list all the new exceptions introduced in JMS 2.0 (these are mostly unchecked versions of their checked counterparts)

  • JMSRuntimeException
  • IllegalStateRuntimeException
  • InvalidClientIDRuntimeException
  • InvalidDestinationRuntimeException
  • InvalidSelectorRuntimeException
  • JMSSecurityRuntimeException
  • MessageFormatRuntimeException
  • MessageNotWriteableRuntimeException
  • ResourceAllocationRuntimeException
  • TransactionInProgressRuntimeException
  • TransactionRolledBackRuntimeException