Oct 26, 2018

Visual JavaScript programming tools

Visual programming tools

  • Waterbear Tool for making Scratch-inspired block-based languages on the web. Examples include blocks for JavaScript, ProcessingJS, NodeJS, and more.
  • Snap – JavaScript of BYOB, which is a fork of Scratch
  • ScriptBlocks
  • Illumination [Commercial] Visual, cross-platform tool creates apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktops and HTML5 or Flash websites. The I language underlies the tool.
  • JsMaker visual JavaScript programming
  • Meemoo flow-based visual programming framework for hackable web apps
  • NoFlo JavaScript implementation of Flow-Based Programming. Programs (network graphs) can be visually created with DrawFBP
  • Blockly web-based, graphical programming language. Users can drag blocks together to build an application
  • Maeda Block – visual game programming language powered by enchant.js and Google Blockly. See also the Japanese version.